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    Artist Tim Bicheno-Brown


    Welcome to the Artscreatif website, covering a variety of subjects and disciplines ranging from art to model making.

    The Classic aviation gallery covers a wide selection of the classic aircraft from the 20th century. These are created using models and photography to create visually striking images. I regularly update my Artscreatif ETSY shop with new images for downloads and are also available as prints. Please visit my Artscreatif Facebook page for updates on my latest projects.

    The Spitfire gallery shows the cutaways and posters I have created of the iconic Supermarine Spitfire. These have taken many hours and careful research, brought together using techniques in technical illustration and Photoshop. These posters show its construction, depicting the Spitfire Mk. Ia to the Mk. IXc. A key with the illustration identifies its structure and systems as well as diagrams and notes about the aircraft. These posters accurately illustrate the engineering skill and craftsmanship of Supermarine and Rolls Royce, as well as being my tribute to the thousands of people who designed, built and flew this beautiful aircraft. The artwork for the Spitfire cutaways and the Aviation images gallery have been created for high quality prints and downloads.

    The Marine gallery shows my previous artworks and commissions which are hand painted in oils, Acrylic, Gouache and in the case of The Normandie side elevation created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Artworks are available as:

    High resolution JPEG downloads: £15

    Signed prints of the 'CLASSIC AVIATION' and 'SPITFIRE CUTAWAY' artworks are available. Subject to pandemic restrictions.

    The 'AVIATION ARTWORKS' section is a portfolio gallery only and not for sale.

    A3 (297 x 420 mm): £25 inc p&p
    A2 (420 x 594 mm): £40 inc p&p

    Please contact me for commissions, signed prints or downloads. I accept Paypal. BACs payment or cheque.

    Lightning Aircraft by tim Bicheno brown

    fishing smack model and a Ferriby by Tom Bicheno Brown Hampshire


    The models I make are made from scratch or based on kits using plans and photographs for reference. Each model is made using quality wood and materials.

    I am very pleased to have been commissioned by Hull Culture & Leisure Ltd to build four wooden models, showing the development of vessels over the millennia. The models represent a prehistoric dug out canoes one complete and a second showing how it was carved from a single log. A model of a small ferry called the Ferriby representing a 4000 year old vessel used on the river Humber, and a cutaway model of 15th century Spanish Caravel showing how the vessel is constructed with a detailed interior. This was adapted from a kit available of a Caravel. These will be used as teaching aids and can be handled during talks or lessons.

    Previous models completed include side profiles of vessels, Thames barge, 19th century cutters and yachts, a rigged 1:48th scale model of the 1760 Royal Navy cutter HMS Fly. Another interesting private commission recently completed was of a 1:16 Cambridge punt made in Sepele, a Mahogany substitute. I also make wood sculptures like the Spitfire in a climb and various animals and turtle brooches shown in the gallery.

    Please contact me about requests for quotes and commissions.

    dug out canoe model Tim Bicheno Brown


    These are new colour cutaways of the iconic Supermarine Spitfire, using my experience working on Flight International's aircraft cutaways. Each cutaway is meticulously researched, drawn and coloured by hand using Photoshop software. Information has been taken from numerous books, plans, accounts, contemporary maintenance manuals, illustrations and photographs. This is an ongoing project and I plan to cover later marks of Spitfire.

    The Spitfire Mk. Ia poster includes detailed diagrams of the engine and cockpit area, an itemised key of the parts of the aircraft as well as a side elevation. The Mk.VIII & IX posters are available as A2 posters with diagrams and key.

    The poster of the Spitfire Mk. Ia has been printed as an A2 sized (594 x 420mm) lithographic print on 250gsm silk art paper, each signed by myself. 300 of these posters have been printed and are available as is the D-Day A3 poster depicting the Spitfire Mk. IXc. These are £15 including post and packing.

    Aviation Paintings

    aviation art - paintings for sale

    Marine Paintings

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